Case studies: 4 air motor applications

Our high performance air motors are used for quite diverse and specific applications, in many different industries. 


It is essential to provide a catalogue that offers a wide range of products in order to meet most of customer's needs.

But it is also essential for us to be able to adapt and offer specific solutions that are not available in our catalogue (that would be too easy!)


This is where the flexibility and responsiveness of Modec come in!


We regularly respond to very specific requests.

To ensure the same quality ofservice to every customer and provide the right products, we have to study their requirements in detail, understand the application environment, and perform various tests to ensure a top quality solution.


Discover 4 specific applications made by our team: 

  • Hight temperature resistant air motor,
  • Submersible air motor,
  • Low speed air motor,
  • Modec’s ‘nut runner’ air motor.